Carter Center’s Partnership with Liberia on Law and Gender Violence

A respected professor of international law at Florida A&M University, Dr. Jeremy Levitt leads The Levitt Group LLC, a globally networked consulting firm with a focus on foreign affairs and women’s rights. Earlier in his career, Dr. Jeremy Levitt served as a senior legal adviser with the Carter Center in its “Strengthening the Rule of Law and Combating Impunity” project in Liberia from 2006 to 2007. This high-profile initiative had the central aim of promoting and empowering the delivery of justice to women in the country’s rural regions.

In partnership with Liberia’s Ministry of Justice, the program provided the government with legal consultants who set up a gender-crimes unit and other capacity-building functions. The project also entailed public awareness efforts that helped citizens better grasp their fundamental rights and the role of the legal system in their lives.

The creation of a new domestic-violence-and-sex-crimes unit within the Liberian judiciary and government was a particularly welcome development. It countered a marked upswing in gender violence nationwide and helped reinforce Liberia’s deterrence and prosecution of such offenses.