Lets talk Esports

Talking esports to people that are not in or follow esports can be awkward to say the least. One of the first things that often comes up in conversation is the thought that esports is not a sport. Personally I never try to fuel the fire as this discussion can ruin any meaningful engagement. I bring up that esports is just the official term for the pro-gaming scene and that the same work visa’s that pro athletes use are available to pro-gamers.

The usual response after this includes ,but its not a sport they are not athletes as you can see this lack of discussion can go on for a long time. Various other points could be brought up at this moment, and you want to defend esports with your last and dying breath. I rather talk about my passion it is so much more then people just watching other people play videogames. I grew up with a older brother that would hand me the unplugged controller to play with as a kid. In essence that was twitch.tv before it was even a thing. (This is where I talk about how big twitch is and how they are one of the top 140 most viewed webpages worldwide with so many total hrs watched.)

Not me and my brother pictured above

Now back to the conversation I grew up loving my New York Mets and Jets along with the Michigan Wolverines. I grew up in Connecticut so these team choices may not really make sense ,but at a very young age I was competitive. My older brother was a Redsox fan and I went with the New York teams.Michigan was picked up one day I saw them playing Notre Dame in football (My brothers team).

That is me pictured above with a SNES controller in Mets shirt that picture was pretty dirty

So i am competitive and love video-games and grew up in the Nintendo’s GoldenAge. My love for gaming started during my youth ,but hasn’t faded away eventhough I don’t play as much as I used to. Being told to grow up is something gamers get told all the time. If you loved music as a kid do you just stop loving music when you get older no that is silly and foolish thinking. Plenty of people are productive to society and also love video-gaming.

With esports popularity this is even more the case events have real broadcasts with hosts, casters,production crews and of course the players. Pro-gaming is just people doing with they love similar to athletes or anyone else in the entertainment industry. Rooting for your favorite team or player is very similar to traditional sports. In a limited twitter survey i did I asked esports fans if they also liked at least 1 tradition sport and everyone i asked replied with this choice. I know there is many fans that love esports and not traditional sports ,but there is quite a bit of cross over. Esports brought me to Madison Square Garden for the first time this past August. I figured the first event I seen there would of been a knicks game ,but this was so amazing.

MSG NALCS Summer Finals

There will always be people that just don’t get esports and that is okay. The whole is esports a sport debate isn’t going away anytime soon. Esports isn’t going away and its here to stay. I am passionately trying to help the scene grow stronger in digitalmarketing and social media. I believe in esports and I really want everything that people hope for it to become one day comes true. The fans are passionate die hard fans similar to traditional sports fans. Social media is ever changing and evolving area you have to follow the waves. Lets make esports everything we dreamed it would be one day.