The Social media golden age of Esports

I get mad when I see Esports organizations take Social media for granted. I know that is weird to say, so maybe I am just weird. I am a fan first and foremost, I am a consumer of Esports and social engagements excite me. I crave for good content and innovation in the space while being tired of the statue quo.

Esports on large has been slow to adapt to new social media platforms, and thankfully the days of organizations only having a Facebook and twitter is behind us. Fan engagement is at an all time high and many orgs are providing value with there social media. Personally I would call this time we are in right now, the golden age, at least on the social media side of things. It is important that organizations remember to keep things fresh and continue to adapt to the ever changing social media landscape.

The possibility of platforms going the way of myspace into the depths of obscurity is real. The healthiness of a brand’s social presence isn’t based on numbers on one platform alone. The healthiness is based on being well rounded being cross platformed, so if one platform wasn’t there tomorrow your social network would still be secured.


One of the reasons Teamsecret always stood out to me as a really good org in social is because their Twitter and Instagram numbers always been relatively close to each other. They may not have the following that a Fnatic or Team Solo Mid has ,but the following they have is strong and will follow them on across social platforms.

Number of followers Instagram to Twitter %

Included links to all these teams Instagrams

Immortals 65%

Team Secret 61.22%

Sk gaming 55%

Fnatic 35%

G2 Esports 30%

Cloud9 18%

TSM 17.2%

CLG 17%

Optic Gaming 12.3%

You can stop laughing now yes there’s work to be done ,but we are still in the GoldenAge. Cross platform promotions and calls to action can easily remedy this problem for many of these orgs. I also feel like the twitter numbers are most likely slightly inflated due to inactive accounts.

Instagram is important because it is a great place for attention. The gram is art and beauty and people stop and stay awhile absorbing the content. Esport orgs can do a better job of letting their fans know that it is ok to engage on the content.


SnapChat over the last year has really been embraced by many organizations and this is something I am really happy to see. The authenticity of snapchat stories is real and the story teller knows they have the attention of there audience. Snaps from behind the scenes at the worlds biggest events or players just having fun in the team house. Orgs doing snapchat right Counter Logic Gaming, EchoFox, Fnatic to name a few. I would also include a organization on the rise Penta Sports in this group. The reason why I included Penta is because I know Social media is more than just managing for them. Penta has a heart after giving their fans the best fan experience possible.


I don’t see many orgs runing ads or using Facebook live as well as they could. A good example of someone using Facebook live in an aggressive and committed way is EchoFox. EchoFox always has their pro players stream on FB even though the numbers are not quite there yet. They are not looking at the short-term ,but the long term, and also most of these streams are mostly also being streamed on twitch.

If you enjoyed this breakdown please share and like always thanks for taking the time to read. I hope that you found some value out of this, and we just want the same thing the best fan experience possible.

by Jeremy Heimann @ jeremyWo1fe on twitter