On Business Casual

It seems that suits are on the way out. On any given day as you walk around the city, less and less people are rocking the full suit and tie. My guess is that corporations are either trying to make themselves more approachable to us sensitive millenials or, like other new-age corporate innovations (like hot-desking), this is just what the research shows is most productive.

Either way, I’m certainly not complaining – no one wants to wear a tie all day. It does however present a fundamental question that I feel ill-equipped to answer: If I’m not wearing a suit then exactly what should I be wearing? Or put more bluntly — what exactly is “business casual” besides being a fantastic oxymoron.

“It’s not quite business, it’s not quite casual, but man … to answer your question I don’t really know”

This broader question breaks out into a bunch of sub-question which I’m hoping my highly fashionable readers (whoever you happen to be) can help me with:

  • What colour pants are acceptable? Is it confined to navy blue, grey and beige or is there more room to move. A bloke in the office the other day said his pants’ colour was “rust” which I didn’t even know was a colour.
  • Is wearing a jumper OK? Or is it suit jacket or bust?
  • Is wearing the one pair of shoes every day par for the course?
  • Sleeves buttoned down or rolled up?

Please help


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