On Cricket Commentating

I feel sorry for Bill Lawry. He used to spend his summers sitting next to Richie, Tony and Chappelli. Sure they didn’t always agree and they all had their quirks but you could tell there was a certain sense of mutual respect. They all knew their roles, they all knew what they were doing and they became the soundtrack of summer for a whole generation.

People would turn the commentary on, not because they liked watching cricket, just because it felt like summer.

Now poor Bill has to listen to “Heals”, “Tubs” and “Slats”. Given how punishing they are when they have a microphone in hand, how bad must their off-screen banter be? No wonder he no longer makes the trip to Perth or Adelaide — imagine sitting next James Brayshaw for 4 hours on a plane.

How did this happen?

The channel 9 cricket coverage was once the gold standard. Each summer they seemed to have some new piece of technical wizardry and when the commentators talked, they were actually worth listening to. Now it’s just dribble. Hyper-excited yelping from Slater, pompous pseudo-intellectualism from Nicholas, confusing arm-chair psychology from Healy and hydration status updates from Warne:


At a time when test cricket needs all the help it can get, surely Channel 9 can do better than this.

Let me know what you think.