On GoggleBox

I’ll start out by saying that I haven’t really watched all that much of GoggleBox but I’ve seen enough to know the basic premise: It’s basically a show about watching other people watching TV.


Seriously though, what does it say about the TV industry that this is the best they can come up with? They’ve run out of actual skills for people to compete over: cooking, renovating, dieting, singing, designing, Survivor-ing etc. and scraped the bottom of the barrel to settle TV-watching. Though it’s not technically a competition, it kinda is: a competition to see who can make the funniest / snarkiest comment in any given segment.

Equally troublingly, what does it say about society that we’d rather watch people watching a show than use the time to watch the show ourselves? Has voyeurism become both that popular and that socially acceptable?

The simple answer is yes and the best evidence isn’t GoggleBox. It’s Facebook. And it’s Instagram and it’s Snapchat and its all the other avenues we now have to perve on each other’s lives.

Short of Game of Thrones, just about the best entertainment anyone can find these days is watching two distant relatives get into a Facebook flame war about some ridiculous topic like homeopathy or better yet parsing through a one-time acquaintance’s feed to work out with they’re doing with their lives these days. Simple truth these days is that most people would rather watch someone else do something than do that something themselves. That’s pretty bleak.

Let me know what you think. Am I being to harsh on GoggleBox?


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