On Sleep

The whole concept of sleep is objectively really weird.

Imagine explaining sleep to someone who didn’t know what it was: “I’m going to lie down, pass out and hallucinated wildly for 8 hours.” It sounds crazy (and awesome).

But sleep is important. All sorts of studies have pretty comprehensively shown that performance across a wide range of tasks, both mental and physical, deteriorates in the absence of a sufficient amount of sleep.

But somehow this fairly intuitive fact hasn’t made its way into accepted wisdom. Instead of acknowledging the importance of sleep to our ability to function, we routinely do the exact opposite. Sleeping in is lazy, staying up late is cool and napping is a guilty pleasure. Sleep is actively frowned upon.

Taken one step further, it raises a bunch of questions about workplace productivity (and safety). I’d much rather see an average doctor in hour 1 of their shift than an excellent doctor in hour 17.

In summary: Go to bed earlier. Get up later. Nap more.

Let me know what you think.