On the Couch

A series of unfiltered thoughts on the past 7 days in sport:

  • The media seem determined to ignore the lesson of the “the Missile” and are now going all out in hyping up the prospects of Cameron McEvoy and Mack Horton in the lead up to Rio. Thank god neither of them has a silly nickname. Yet. On that point, Is it really fair to say Magnussen “self-destructed” when he won two world championships and an Olympic silver medal?
  • Grant Hackett’s latest brush with the law might be his strangest yet, which is saying something. Does a nipple cripple delivered to the bloke sitting in the seat in front of you on the plane equate to sexual assault? We may be about to find out.
  • Kenya won the Singapore 7s in what can only be considered a massive upset. Regardless of what happens though, you’d be a brave punter to bet against the Kiwis come Olympics time. I’ve just discovered while writing this article that the NZ 7s don’t have a stupid pun-derived name (like the tall blacks or the black sticks). They’re just the All Black 7s. Don’t know how I feel about that.
That’s what it’s all about!
  • One or other of Luke Brooks and Mitch Moses will go on to be a massive star but only after they leave the Tigers. And all of us long-suffering Tigers fans are going to hate it.
  • The ferocity of the Melbourne media when they turn on a high-profile coach is just incredible. It’s going to be a long week for Damien Hardwick and Nathan Buckley and I bet each is glad for the company of the other because that spotlight cannot be comfortable.
  • Against all logic, I’m actually becoming more confident about the Wallabies Bledisloe Cup prospects, the more our Super Rugby teams struggle. I’m willing to believe it’s all one big Michael Cheika Jedi mindtrick. And even though I’m sure they would never admit it, I bet there are some All Blacks fans who feel the same way.
  • In one last narcissistic dick-move in a career built on them, Kobe Bryant’s ridiculously stage-managed farewell game took the focus away from Golden State’s historic 73 win season and Steph Curry’s astonishing 400th 3-pointer of the season (the previous record was 286). Surely he’d feel a bit sheepish about all the hullabaloo given his teams stinks and he’s been close to the worst player in the league this season? Not his style. Breaking the all-time record for most shots attempted in one game? Much more his speed. #MambaOut
  • I think it is possible that the Leicester City is now the biggest bandwagon team in the history of sport. I don’t know of a single non-Spurs sports fan who doesn’t want to see them get the job done and win the EPL.
  • I’ve only seen the highlights, but if they are any indication then I really need to start watching more of the A-League.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything


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