On the Double Dissolution

After 9 years of complete political dysfunction and Kings Landing style shenanigans it has come to this. The oft-threatened but rarely-delivered double dissolution looks like it might actually happen.

Here’s hoping.

Not so much because I’m particularly invested in the prospects of either side (surely Turnbull will win either way) but moreso because I think Canberra could use a proper house cleaning. All the baggage that has accumulated over the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd-Abbott-Turnbull years has ensured that political manoeuvring has taken precedence over proper political process and a double dissolution would serve to put a lot of these feuds to bed and draw a line under what has been a pretty embarrassing period for all concerned.

Australia’s Favourite Motoring Enthusiast

It will also take the balance of power away from Dio Wang, Ricky Muir, Glenn Lazarus and (fingers crossed) Jacqui Lambie who should never have been there in the first place.

So well played Malcolm — we knew you had it in you.


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