On Tony Abbott

It’s hard to see how this is going to end well. For anyone.

When big Tone got turfed out, he made a bunch of promises. No sniping from the backbench. No undermining of Turnbull. No ambition of ever returning to the big boy chair. Just a humble backbencher doing a valuable public service in serving the good people of his Warringah electorate.

Tony Abbott — Humble Backbencher

How’s that working out?

Well, he wrote an editorial advocating for stronger military action against ISIS, gave a lecture in which he told Europe to STOP THE BOATS and now he is on his way to the US to give a lecture to the ironically named Alliance Defending Freedom about the need to “protect” marriage from the nefarious gay agenda. All of these things are either directly contrary to or counter-productive to current Government policy. So yeah — not well.

So what’s his plan?

I have my own opinion but I’m curious to see what other people think.

Is it a desire to stop the Liberal Party from drifting away from his beloved conservative principles and drifting to the centre? Is he angling for a return to the front bench? Is he making a nuisance of himself so Malcolm has no choice but to ship him off to a cushy diplomatic posting? Does he just want to maintain his flag budget? Or is it just straight up revenge?

“Abortion for some, full-sized Australian flags for everyone!”

Let me know what you think


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