The 5 Things I’d Go Back to Prague for.

Prague, Czech Republic (Currency: Euro, Languages: Czech, English, German)

Last summer, I went to Prague and discovered one of my favorite cities in the world. Now I haven’t been to many cities around the world, but this was just one of those places that the more time I spent there the harder it was to leave.

The beer capital of the world is the perfect place to find the right beer for you. A place where all types of beer are made, just like pokemon I was on a mission to try them all. And I’ll be damned if I didn’t. In a land where beer actually tastes like beer, and can fill you up this a place where the calories aren’t a waste. Whether you like beer or not I would highly recommend you try the beer.

The Highlights of the Trip:

  • Prague Castle
  • St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Charles Bridge
  • The Lennon Wall
  • Beer Hall Tour

Prague Castle:

Outside of popping into a cafe for a beer and quick bite, Prague Castle was my favorite part of the trip. Sitting at the top of the hill overlooking the entire city is a structure that dates back to the 800’s, and probably the coolest part is that the original buildings were never destroyed. Instead of leveling the old buildings or moving the location, every new addition was just built into this enormous fortress on the hill top. As you walk through various sections of the castle, you can see the older building with the newer additions built right into it. I’m not a big guided tour person, and actually try to avoid them like the plague, but the full tour of this place is definitely worth it. The views from the vantages point will be some of the prettiest photos you have ever taken. My one other recommendation is eat at the amazing restaurants before going, the one part that isn’t that great about the castle is the food is nothing special.

St. Vitus Cathedral:

Although the cathedral is located in the Castle, it is so enormous/cool it’s worth it’s own section. Construction began 930, and the construction wasn’t complete until 1929, with many different sections, styles and important people buried inside. The sheer size of this building is hard to explain in words. I was walking around staring at the unbelievable intricate glass designs on the ceiling and walls the same way people arch their necks when seeing New York City skyscrapers for the first time. The dark ominous Gothic style runs throughout the entire building and the heavy air inside creates an element of carried history to everyone who walks into the building.

Charles Bridge:

Whenever you see a photo of Prague, you typically see the St. Charles Bridge, and for good reason. Located in the heart of the city, and on the Vltava River, the St. Charles Bridge is Prague’s centerpiece. In the three days I walked across it, I must have seen fifteen different weddings taking photos on the bridge. The combination of beautiful water, the architecture of the city, the Gothic architecture of the Old Town Bridge Tower, and the Baroque statues on the bridge give plenty of material to make all your friends jealous.

The Lennon Wall:

Probably the most famous location of this list, and for good reason, is quick and really fun. A random wall in a random part of the city was covered in John Lennon graffiti by college students the the ‘80s as a protest against the Communist rule of the country. Over the years, it has collected amazing photos and quotes about freedom, happiness and inspiration. You will always see big groups of people standing next to the wall and taking photos.

Beer Hall Tour:

One of the main reasons I went to Prague was that everyone I had talked to said they had some of the best beer in the world, and someone who loves beer as much as I do had to go and try it out. They were right. As a proud American I can say that our beer game has nothing on theirs. First they serve beer in half liters, which is always perfectly poured in a glass from the beer maker. Every bar has the beer glasses for specific beers, and most will also have umbrellas outside by beer manufacturers. No cans, no plastic cups, and no light beer. There are way too many beer halls to go over all of them, but if you want some more information, here is a link. They’ll turn anyone into a beer lover. Even my mom, who doesn’t drink beer, was having a stout with salads by the end of the trip.

Also, Pro Tip: When an old German couple sitting at the table next to you buys you a shot of palinka, don’t rip it like well tequila. It makes you look like an uncultured American, who just downed a rough, fairly expensive, after dinner brandy. Especially on the day you decided to rock your American flag socks.

I would love to hear about some other Prague attractions. There are so many other awesome parts of the city, and I’d love to hear your Prague stories.

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