Escaping normality & enjoying something

It’s interesting, yet sad how tightly we are constricted to what is perceived to be normality. Imagine a life where you are able to break free from these constrictions infinitely. A burst of creativity and artistic purpose could inspire you to shave half of your head bald, and at that moment it is perfectly justified, you’re simply exploring. As you ease back into normality, the creative confidence seeps out of you, and the fear of judgement seeps back in it’s place. This fear of judgement tears down your decision day to day, until you fear the act of creativity that inspired the decision. You fear that state of artistry and exploration, because it doesn’t suit the narrative. You’re punished for taking yourself that far out.

We’re living half lives. We have a creative side we don’t bother to incite, and instead we spend that energy impressing people. Spending the best part of yourself impressing other people, becoming a comfortable object in the life of another person. Becoming someone who perpetuates the mediocrity in another person’s life, so they can go on and do the same in somebody else’s life. The worst part is nobody even cares, so all your potential in gathered up, pushed out, and dissipated into nothing. It’s wasted.

Change of direction …

I always think about the capacity to understand and enjoy, as I think about the lack of it. I have no solid understanding as to why some people are able to completely enjoy beautiful art, yet the enjoyment evades others. I blame it on the low attention environment we are currently a part of. We should not be passive or dismissive in regards this environment. It will slowly destroy your capacity to enjoy things. Now everyone just wants to like things, everyone just, likes things.

Let’s take a masterful composition like Debussy’s Clair de Lune. It might be my favourite composition in existence. I think about this music on a completely different parallel to other types of music. I enjoy listening to Clair de Lune. It is my enjoyment. When I’m working I will listen to a song I like, but I listen to Clair de Lune when I’ve finished working and want to enjoy something else. I can not listen to it whilst I am doing something. Listening to it is doing something. That’s the thing I’m doing, and it requires all my attention.

I’m grateful to have the capacity to experience things like Clair de Lune with that level of attention. Sometimes I show people beautiful things and they don’t “get it”, and sadness fills me. I’m sad that they won’t be able to enjoy every part of this thing as I do. I can only hope they “get” other things. Being surrounded by all of this beauty and not being able to enjoy any of it is a tragedy.

I think artists deserve the world for fighting, and breaking free of social convention and wastage. They guard their potential and then give it to us in the form of art, rather than empty vanity and promises.

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