the Information Architecture Summit 2016 Atlanta: my Learnings in Sketchnotes

The last few days I have visited the IA Summit in Atlanta, a global conference on information architecture and all disciplines that float around it. The theme for this year was A Broader Panorama.

Next to presenting a poster on the Factory Thinking approach, having a lot of fun and great conversations with my peers, I’ve made visual notes (sketchnotes) of all the talks I went to as well. Via this post I would like to share my learnings :). It was a great conference that helped me enlarge my knowledge and sparked loads of new ideas!

If you would like to start (or just like) sketchnoting yourself and would like to have a larger set of icons available, check out the Bizz Draw app by GriDD. An app fully designed to help draw visuals to effectively communicate and share ideas.

Friday May 6th

Keynote - A Broader Panorama: inclusiveness in the digital maker space by Lisa Welchman

Design is a team sport by Jared M. Spool

Constructing meaning is bloody work by Wendy A F G Stengel

Architecting for simplicity and meaning amidst information chaos by Virginia Start and Kylea Parker

Crafting an Etsy taxonomy: classifying the unique by Jaime DeLanghe

The ethics and politics of information architecture: shaping society through structure and control by Andrea Resmini

User memory design: how to design for experiences that stick by Curt Arledge

Evening keynote by Cory Doctorow

Saturday May 7th

The 12 qualities of effective design organizations by Peter Merholz

The inviting dark: thinking about information architecture in physical space by Jason Alderman

IA for personalization: five steps toward building thoughtful targeted experiences by Colin Eagan (@colineags)

Crafting the discovery phase: first steps in effective IA projects by Dan Brown

People, not percentages: research and design for cross-channel experiences by Stuart Maxwell

Evening keynote - Elementary, my dear Watson by Léonie Watson

Sunday May 8th

Designing apps in meat space by gretchen anderson

The territory of the map by joe sokohl

Lands, hubs and wienies: placemaking lessons from the magic kingdom by Jorge Arango

Closing plenary by Jesse James Garrett

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