“As of right now, with all the money the oil companies (and related businesses) have to throw at…

Let me paraphrase what you just said: “I didn’t read (or didn’t understand) what you just posted about scientific consensus. So I’ll just proceed with ad hominems.”

Curiously, that is *exactly* what Taleb tells his kool-aid drinkers to do when debating people who actually know anything about GMOs. So, in a way, being called an idiot by him is actually a compliment.

Even when I try to take your ‘argument’ seriously, it fails in every possible way. There is a scientific body of evidence of Global warming, you can say it doesn’t, but there is. And if you ‘believe’ that this is wrong, you should use science to prove it false (and, thereby create a new scientific consensus). No-one is doing that. Because they can’t argue with facts.

And, before replying with another cliché, consult this list first: https://www.skepticalscience.com/argument.php?f=percentage (you already used number 4 ,6 and, arguably, 30 )

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