Anotha One


This week was really really fast. Well, it felt like it was quick. I feel like I just made my journal the other day, but I was wrong. Apparently it is already Saturday. Wow. Every day passed by so quickly. We had some quizzes through out the week. We also had some practices for our performance task. Our performance task was to make a dance. Festive dance (I think) . I did not attend the first practice but the following practices that we had, I was present.

Our class was divided into two for the dance. Boys VS Girls, but I did not see it as a competitive dance. I just saw that we danced because we were required to. We’re all classmates that are probably gonna see each other until Grade 10. So with that being said. We are almost like a family. We see each other almost every week. Monday to Friday, every second, every minute (joke because we have to go home, do homeworks, sleep).

We practiced on 3 venues. V Park, Palomo’s house (I think. I did not attend that time), and at the school. We practiced on V Park once, Palomo’s house once and every other practice we had was on the school. The performance day was supposed to be on Thursday 3:00–4:00PM on PE time. Sir Daniel moved it to Friday (good guy sir Daniel☻).

Friday, we had our general practices. We had to get to school early so we could ready our props. Paint it and place designs on it. We took the time of some subjects just to practice. The girls tied their hair or however you say it. We had to cut some paper so we could attach it to our bilao’s.

Finally, after hours and hours of waiting. The time has come for us to do the dance. We had to change into our costumes which is all black. We also had to add paint on our arms. We went crazy with the paints, just added what we could and combined them HAHAHAHA. After our dance, we threw our bilao’s into the air because why not HAHAHHA (#WeRock). After the dance we went back to the classroom and took some pictures (ps. please do not confiscate our phones because we took pictures in the classroom HAHAHAHA). Finally, after all these days, weeks, and months. I finally got to take a picture with my friends! Like really, all their pictures. I was not in any of them.

Ft. Yumang, and Nikka HAHAHAHAHA. ♥