We live in an age where everything is modern. No more electric chairs, nor public executions. When they banned it, Philippine criminals went crazy. More murders, more drugs, more crime. They weren’t scared of the government, nor the police. They knew that once they get caught, they’ll be placed behind bars and not executed nor tortured.

Now that a new President has been elected. I’m guessing he liked the age where electric chairs and executions were a thing, so he is gonna use it again. Every drug addicts and drug lords are being captured and placed behind bars. Some even resist it, so they end up being killed. Which is a bad thing, but the good thing here is so much people are surrendering for using drugs.

It was a good thing that he brought it back. If he did not bring it back, criminals would walk the streets like a thug and shoot anyone in their way. They would just keep doing what they were doing. I agree to his opinion on bringing the death penalties back.

The number of people using drugs or illegal things has decreased. Not just a bit but a lot. All thanks to our new president. Rodrigo Duterte. Placed a bunch of criminals in jail.

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