Well, didn't see myself writing about myself today.
Anyway, lets get to it.

My First Weekly Journal…

To be honest, this week was really a turn down for me. I didn’t get to go to school for 2 days, monday and friday to be exact. It’s because of my skin rashes thingy, or whatever it’s called. I really hope that the week after this, it would be all gone, all healed up and everything. Enough of the bad news, let us get to the good news. This week was stressful and all, but at the same time it’s really fun. You know, learning, chatting with your friends, making jokes with them, it’s really actually fun. I mean like REALLY REALLY fun. I missed alot of classes, but I had fun bonding with my parents. We haven't really went out together, not like when I was a kid, where there are no problems, obligations, priorities, where you just have fun and all. It was still fun, I hope next week God will still look down on us and protect us with his angels, hope everything goes as I planned it would, I know it wouldn’t but still. That’s it for today’s week.

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