As a player, I hate the losing the tracker as well.

The answer is not to remove the tracker, the answer is to add the Pokecall, so any Pokemon on your nearby list can be attracted. Since the nearby list supposedly only shows Pokemon within about 100 Yards or so, people would still have to walk to get them on the list, but 100 Yards would mean someone on one side of the freeway doesn’t have to cross it to get the pokemon on the other side, it means people don’t have to trespass just because they know that on the oil refinery has a Muk. We already had a version of this in the tracker when they were at 0 footsteps, just expand it to the entire nearby list. Maybe make it so the summon can’t be used more often then every once 5 minutes, so you have to walk around and hope that if there are multiple things nearby you want, that not all of them poof in the time between calls. This would also benefit the infirmed, the elderly, people with limited mobility, and the like who aren’t able to always walk as far or at all. Yes, some people would end up sitting at home and not going out, but most of the time my nearby list has little to nothing on it until I walk a ways away, plus while the game is supposed to inspire people to get out and about, not everyone can, and it isn’t fair to penalize people who need walkers or are confined to a hospital bed but want to play too.

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