Pokevision is cheating plain and simple.
Brian Knownst

Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong.

Ash knew that if he walked into patch of grass on Route 235, he had a chance of a getting Ditto, Spearow, Fearow, Ekans, Arbok, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Mankey, Primeape, Nidorina, or Nidorino and if he used his Old Fishing rod he’d get a Magikarp, if he used a good fishing rod he’d get a Poliwag or a Goldeen, and if he used a Super rod he would get a Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Slowbro, Kinglar, Seadra, or Seaking… No Ratattas, No Pidgeys, No Zubats…

And in fact, since it depended on the game which of some of those would be recieved… Actually no matter what between Red and Blue, he would have a 30% chance of getting a Ditto… And that is every step, every friggen step he could have a chance of something spawning, and 3 out of every 10 of those spawns would be a Ditto…

Don’t try to rationalize away a game that has different mechanics. In addition, as the games advanced, you could use Pokecalls to draw specific pokemon, repels to keep away weak pokemon, check the tvs to see where herds of a specific breed of pokemon were swarming. Yes, Ash (actually Red, Ash on the Cartoon is based off Red) knew where every Pokemon was, he could go to a place and knew that he was guaranteed to encounter something he was looking for and he could make sure Ratattas (Which has not been seen in the cartoon, outside of a flashback to Ash’s first year as a trainer in an episode earlier this year, in over 3 years) and Pidgeys(seen more recently in a non-flashback, only about a year ago, but that was a flock being scared off and not actually encountered).

I played Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Leaf Green, Fire Red, and Diamond. I couldn’t afford to upgrade to a 3DS at the time, so missed out on Black and White, X, Y, Black 2, and White 2, and probably will not be playing Sun nor Moon. So don’t lump your extremist (not purist… if you were a purist the way you claim, you would have discarded all your pokeballs until you had walked from one city to an entirely different city, crossing vast fields, then walked back again, not capturing any new pokemon, and not collecting any pokestops to emulate the trip with your starter to retrieve the professor’s package. Then you would have simply walked around in circles in a small 2–15 yard wide patches of grass, not venturing more than a 1/10 of a kilometer from your home… over and over and over again) slanted view with those of anyone who was enjoying the game.

Pokemon Go got people exercising and socializing. It literally did more for Race Relations, Social Interaction, Relations between on Age groups, and Police/Civilian relations than anything since the invention of human speech, and more for fitness than anything since humans learned to walk upright.

Pokevision facilitated people who were limited in their capabilities (people in rural areas who had few pokestops and usually no obvious variety, people with disabilities who can’t just walk everywhere but want to participate and experience the fun of collecting them all, and people who can’t just drive dozens of miles to explore a new area and have to primarily depend on what they can find within a few blocks of where they live), and it wasn’t some perfect tool to guarantee capture, it simply said, if you can get to this point in time, you can get something you want. My mother needs a walker to get around all the time and can’t walk quickly nor far, she loves playing, and Pokevision allowed me to drive her to an area where she could encounter new and exciting Pokemon that helped us bond. The one and only time I used Pokevision on my own, I ran to where a Magikarp was, except I didn’t make it in time, as despite having over 10 minutes, it was too far on foot to get there, and sadly I live in one of those neighborhoods where pokemon don’t tend to spawn near me (I’ve heard rumors of people having things spawn in their house, the best I’ve gotten is a single Pidgey in my backyard and that required me to use an incense to attract it… 30 minutes of incense, and I got a single Pidgey, so explain to me how your anal attitude makes jack sense? If you don’t want to use Pokevision, that is your decision, but shut the heck up and stop sabotaging those of us who don’t have the luxury of being excellently rich like you). Flip side, since the update, I got hurt and lost my phone due to walking in a slime covered spot on the ground that just looked like damp pavement, all because I couldn’t tell which way a Wild Likitung and a Wild Primeape (I think it was Primeape, might have been Poliwrath, as all I could see were the silhouettes and guess if I was getting closer or further by how the moved up and down the list.) and nearly breaking my knee when my feet slipped out from under me… but had the system worked or had I had access to Pokevision, I likely would not have had that happen, as I could have seen how long I had, how far away they were, and where I needed to go exactly. So I can now say that Pokevision was an option that could have prevented accidents, increased my Pokemon Go activity, and saved me pain, suffering, and the cost of a replacement phone.

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