The following is a brief moment of delusion I had while asking some questions about the Holy Bible, God and my Faith…

After a little research, suddenly I found even the Bible could not be trusted, especially knowing that pegan practices, concepts and philosophies, those which support what the religious gatekeepers felt is great for control, were co-opted into the Bible…and that Bible is what we hold supreme. Chai!

The summary I could come up with is…These wise guys figured, and taught us through the ages…

- All questions about life is said to be in the Bible. 
- To ensure you don’t question the Bible, they say all scriptures is inspired by God
- To ensure you don’t question the custodians, they say Believe in His prophets
- And if you decide you don’t want any of this life any more, they say suicide is a sin…which I found is still being disputed.


So you are on a leash, guilt-tripped into a belief system, or be damned in eternal fire. This looks like an orchestration to me.

It’s either God is one creative, mean being with a sick mind to have allowed the concept of life…or the guys in between He and us a the greatest schemers ever. I have reached a point where everything I have been told is no longer trustworthy, including the Bible.

Then Greg Elkan sent the following response when I reached out to him…

I don’t have a father; or more correctly, I have a father but I do not know who he is. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not an orphan. I am the lastborn in a large family of 10 children. But I’m 15 years old now, and I’m beginning to question my reality. How can I be sure that this man is my father?

I only call him my father because He is my mother’s husband, and was living in the house when I was born, and my siblings call him “Daddy”. But technically speaking, I cannot be 100% sure he’s my father because I wasn’t there prior to my conception to know who my father is.

I know you want to point out the physical resemblance between him and me, but that doesn’t mean anything. Haven’t you heard of celebrity lookalikes? Yes, I talk like him sometimes and have an uncanny passion to teach the simplest things like him, but hey! I’ve been living in his house and under his influence my whole life, what do you expect?

I’m not saying he’s not my father; but I’m saying I can’t be sure. Maybe I should just ask him, but what do you think he would say? If you suspected someone was a spy for the U.S. government what do you think they would say if you asked them about it.

Needless to say, my family members didn’t share these crazy accusations of mine. They claim that since we all look and act alike then we must all share the same father. I told them that unless they were there during their conception they should stop acting so certain of their parentage.

My ‘father’ thought this was some silly joke and laughed over it. The smile was wiped from his face however when a court bailiff slammed him with a subpoena to appear in court for false declaration of paternity.

I presented to the court the following reasons why my case was worth a hearing.

The people who claim he was my father were close relatives of his (his wife, his children, his brothers, etc.) Therefore their opinion was highly subjective and biased.

All the time I grew up in his house, he never allowed me to do whatever I wanted, he always sought to control me; that is a good reason to claim he’s my father: CONTROL.

Anytime I do wrong he would spank me or threaten to spank me: what TRUE father does that?

My older siblings also disciplined me for any wrong doing because they were my “seniors”. But this seniority is tied to his paternity; they would have NO RIGHT to discipline me if I was not the son of their father, hence their complicity in the whole scheme, (see point #1 above).

The defendant (my “father”) always paid my school fees, paid for my food and clothes and gave me pocket money. This is suspicious, and I see it as a way of bribing me to be quiet, but clearly, it didn’t work.

Finally, and most irrefutably, I did a DNA paternity test, and the lab technicians said

that they were 99.9% sure that he was my father! Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, you can see how it has been proven that this man cannot be my father; because if he were, the result would be 100%!

My lord, this man and his children cannot be trusted anymore. This looks like an orchestration to me. It’s either this man is one procreative, mean being with a sick mind to have impregnated a woman and allow me to be born…or the guys in between he and me (my ‘siblings’) are the greatest schemers ever. I have reached a point where everything I have been told is no longer trustworthy, including the laboratories and courts of law.

Folks, we cannot be certain about these things. Stop telling people, “Hey, that’s my mom?” or “this is my dad”, it’s misleading. How dare you be so certain, how dare you speak with such conviction; did you carry out a DNA test on them? I guess not, (even then, the result will only be “99.99” accurate). Therefore, I want you to join me, and everyone all over the world, in ditching and condemning all those women in our lives who claim they are our “mothers”, and all those men who claim they are our “fathers”.

It’s all a ruse to keep us emotionally guilt-ridden and obedient to their commands. It’s a conspiracy I tell you.


The issues outlined in the above parable are parallel to those impugning on the authority of scripture. ANYBODY CAN CLAIM ANYTHING, as long as the burden of proof is not on them.

You say it’s dubious for the Bible to state that it’s inspired, but does that in itself negate its inspiration? The Nigerian Constitution is the final authority for all laws and disputes in Nigeria. Here’s a direct quote: “This Constitution is supreme and its provisions shall have binding force on the authorities and persons throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Do you know where that came from? Yep, it’s from the constitution ITSELF (its very first words for that matter). Doesn’t that make the Nigerian constitution untrustworthy? Isn’t it guilty of circuitously begging the question?

People who claim that the Bible can no longer be seen as authoritative because of recent archaeological discoveries are committing the same offence. Because they themselves are not archaeologists, and they never went to the Middle East to excavate anything with a shovel. They’re believing the declarations of another man. The archaeologist is now their authority!

How can you be so certain of his objectivity? If you claim, “Well, I can see him now, and read his works but those ancient writers are so remote”, then what will YOUR progenies 100 years from now say about that archaeologist’s statement? How about 200 years from now? How about 2,000? Does the passage of time make statements become untrue?

Many Christians are scandalized and mortified whenever they hear bold aspersions been made at the Bible:

The Pentateuch was written by 3 groups of persons, not Moses.

There’re two different creation accounts.

The writers of Genesis copied their stories from ancient myths and fables of other cultures.

Great kings like David, Solomon and Hezekiah never existed but were made-up characters of some scribes around 200 B.C. to inspire the national psyche of a brutalised Jews in slavery.

The Gospels were written by a group of shamed disciples who wanted to use the legacy of a great social reformer (Jesus) to form a new religion and wield control over people (especially women).

The Exodus from Egypt? Never happened. Daniel in the lions den? Pure fantasy. Jesus risen from the dead? Now don’t be silly.

… The list goes on.

The Christian should be mature (not even spiritually, but intellectually) enough to know that mankind have a penchant for creating and believing in Conspiracy Theories:

There are people who insist that the Moon landings never occurred but that it was an elaborate Hollywood stunt by the U.S. government to cover their shame of being beaten in the space race by the former USSR.

Millions still insist that the Earth is flat (flat–earthers)!

What about all those UFO and alien conspiracies? Government cover-up, right?

…again, the list goes on.

Refusing to believe in God until you are “100%” certain is ridiculous. You didn’t do a DNA test on your mom before you accepted her as your parent, now did you? Your certainty was based on a myriad of factors, none 100% on their own, but together combining to form a whole, ironclad case that that woman IS your mother.

Let’s stop being naïve, there’s no such thing an Objective Philosophy anywhere, every philosophy has an agenda (or is being driven and influenced by an agenda). To claim that the message of the Gospel writers is not objective is missing the point altogether. Of course they were writing with an end in mind, they wanted YOU TO BELIEVE that Jesus was the Son of God.

John himself admitted that much: “Jesus worked many other miracles for his disciples, and not all of them are written in this book. But these are written so that you will put your faith in Jesus as the Messiah and the Son of God. If you have faith in him, you will have true life.” — John 20:30–31 (CEV).

The question is not whether the chronicler of biblical history is biased but whether they were telling the truth.

Sticking with the parental analogy, imagine with me a young, beautiful teenage village girl about to make her first trip to the city. Her mother advises her, “Be weary of men in the city, they only have one thing on their minds, no matter the excuse they give, DON’T LET THEM TOUCH YOU!”

Now which would be easier for these city men to get this young woman to yield? Asking her to disobey and disappoint her mother, or questioning the certainty of her mother’s maternity? The latter of course, because once we begin to question, things start to become fuzzy. We start looking at things from a different perspective, we start questioning God, literally.

If that young girl learns from a reliable source that the sexual act produces “pleasure”, she may begin to wonder why any woman who claims to be her mother would forbid her from pleasure. If she reads up in the city library that sex is the process through which women become mothers, she may begin to worry why her own mother would be so selfish in trying to stop her from sharing the joys of motherhood… are you getting the drift?

“It’s either God is one creative, mean being with a sick mind to have allowed the concept of life…” Does that sound familiar?

It’s all lies, half-truths and make-believe. Let’s be mature and see the predatory, lecherous ‘city man’ hiding behind all those arguments. He’s waiting to devour. Are you going to let him devour you and your faith? Or are you going to “Study to show yourself approved unto God…rightly dividing the word of truth. (2Tim 2:15)?

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” — 1Peter 3:15.

Many thanks to Yusuf Leinge for his patience in deciphering the scriptures.