You Can Start Attracting Good Job Offers If You Follow This Job Search Strategy

You graduated from the university, created a powerful CV, submitted it to various companies using both the online and traditional methods, waited for any of the companies to contact you or invite you for a job interview, and kept waiting, AND….nothing.

Then you created another powerful CV, submitted it to recruiters and hiring managers in different companies, they promised they would help you push your CV once there’s any vacancy or job opportunity, you called them once in a while to remind them, you waited patiently for any of them to contact you back, and you kept waiting, AND….nothing.

This is the frustration that most job seekers pass through!

In 2013, during my final year in the university, I discovered something that changed the course of my job search strategy. I knew that I would be graduating very soon and heading for the ever competitive job market so I began to seek for ways that would help me get a good job immediately after graduating!

During the search process, I stumbled upon a secret — a strategic job search secret. I discovered that if I could build a powerful digital resume, create a winning personal brand, build a good network and be strategic with my job search, I would be able to attract good job offers and get a good job immediately after graduating. I didn’t believe in the idea that much but since I got nothing to lose, I decided to try it.

In 2013, I quit my dad’s company — worked with him for 10 years — to try my new found secret and plan my project management career. In August of that same year, I launched and started writing valuable contents on project management because my focus was to attract project management-related jobs. I optimised my LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles effectively, and created an active project management group on Facebook. I got my first mentor in project management (I have several mentors now in different niche), started attending events on project management, started building my network, and was seriously implementing the formulas and techniques in the job search secret. It didn’t take me long before I began to see results!

In early 2014, I got my first job offer from a Nigerian project management tutor who’s based in the UK. He wanted me to be part of the teaching team for his project management academy in Nigeria. The job didn’t work out then because I was still writing my final year project. Then he contacted me later in the year but I wasn’t ready for a job because I was preparing to go for the compulsory one-year NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) programme in Nigeria. In fact, I started attracting other job offers because of my online activities without even submitting my CV to any of the companies.

In November 2014, I was posted to Ekiti State for my NYSC programme. In March 2015, I had an accident that broke one of my legs and that was the second turning point of my career. It took several months before I started walking well and mind you, I was still passionately blogging in pains, optimising my digital resume and growing my virtual network. At that time, I had also started enlightening some students, graduates and job seekers on the importance of building a digital resume, a personal brand and growing their network, and how they can go about it all via my blog.

Furthermore, that long healing period offered me the opportunity to think deep about my own career and I did some serious research and career profiling. I seriously studied the profiles of a lot of project managers and discovered something in early 2016 that influenced my mind. I did more research and then my goal changed from getting a good job to learning how to discover and develop my dream career. After much self-assessment, I discovered that I was so passionate about teaching and career coaching. I gradually began to lose interest in most of the job offers that were available at the time and started thinking of how to build a profitable business around my passion and I had also discovered my purpose. Those research and thoughts led me to the birth of Jerry Ihejirika’s Courses in August 2016!

I oftentimes wonder why a lot of job seekers still rely on or follow what I call the submit-and-wait formula when there is a better and proven job search strategy. Or is it because they haven’t discovered a better job search strategy yet? They “submit” their CVs to various companies through traditional and online methods and then do nothing but “wait” for any of those companies to contact them or invite them for a job interview. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a total waste of their productive time and the formula is increasingly frustrating a lot of job seekers nowadays. The smart job seekers have adopted better job search strategies that give better results within a short period of time.

In my FREE 8-day email course, I teach students, recent graduates and job seekers around the world my unique and proven job search strategy so they can learn how attract good job offers within a very short period of time without submitting any CV to any company. Click here to enroll for the course!

Originally published at on October 10, 2016.

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