Blood Type: Coffee
Scott Ebisch

I can 100% relate to this, on some level at least.

I’m 24 now, and up until this year I’ve been really unhealthy, really overweight, and quite frankly not giving myself much hope of a long life. I’m changing that, but along the way between work, exercise, and personal life, I found myself drinking more and more coffee. As I’m still overweight I found out that the caffeine really wasn’t helping the ole BP! I should add that I do experience anxiety at moderate to severe levels quite regularly. Recently, I’d find myself drinking a cup, feeling rejuvenated and energetic for a brief moment, then, bam, more wound up and ultimately more drained than before. I’ve since stopped drinking it and have moved to drink more tea, and more water instead. Hard to argue with the results so far! Here’s to a healthier future, eh? :)