Today I Liked This! 02

5 more absolute gems for your enjoyment!

The Old Head Of Kinsale, on a foggy afternoon in March 2016.
  1. The Old Head of Kinsale: A somewhat hidden gem nestled at the southern end of the Wild Atlantic Way. The Old Head of Kinsale now features a golf club, but the surrounding area itself is still truly beautiful. I visited it recently with two friends, and it suffices to say getting to look back on these images is an absolute treat.

2. Atmospheric Playlist (Spotify): some of my favourites from the worlds of cinematic and atmospheric/ambient music. An ever growing playlist that I think you’d do well to save for some pretty great listening.

a1 & life story are probably my favourites here

3. Everybody Street: I have a mildly irrational obsession with street photography and New York. I’ve never shot much street work, nor have I ever been to New York, but stick them together and something magical happens, alongside some weird reaction in my brain. If you’re any way interested in photography, give this a watch. Directed by Cheryl Dunn, Everybody Street is an incredible piece of filmmaking, and justifies the small charge you have to pay to rent/watch on Vimeo. Catch the trailer below.

4. VSCO, On YouTube: Visual Supply Company (VSCO) emerged a number of years back as purveyors of beautiful film emulations for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Aperture (pronounced: lol). With the rapid growth in the use of cameras on mobile phones — in particular the iPhone — VSCO decided to launch a filters app for the platform. VSCOCam was born. Since then the app has grown from strength to strength, with what must be almost 50 filters to choose from. VSCOCam is now just VSCO, an entire suite of tools to shoot, edit and share your images in a beautifully minimal way. I love the work VSCO are doing. (Actually, you can find me on VSCO, here…)

Recently, VSCO have rapidly increased their amount of original content, steering themselves not just being a company that crafts tools for creatives, but to being a full blown publishing company. So far there have been some really beautiful projects created, and shared through VSCO. Of late, VSCO’s YouTube Channel has taken on a new berth of life. From tutorials to new abstract art projects, there’s something for anyone with even a meandering interest in photography. The VSCO team have started producing some pretty entertaining tutorials recently. Catch their tutorial(s) on Photographing People, below.

5. Kiasmos. Looped. Kiasmos are an Icelandic duo producing some truly beautiful, minimalist records. This track, ‘Looped’ is about to help me go to sleep (despite that almost house-like beat, this thing is seriously relaxing). Happy Listening!

I mean seriously, this is just too damn good.

That about wraps it up for today (well, tonight). More to come. I honestly don’t know if this will be an everyday thing, probably more likely to be a once or twice a week based series! I’m enjoying sharing interesting stuff, and hope you are enjoying it too!

As ever, If you found any value in this, please feel free to share to a friend that you feel may equally enjoy the stuff shared here. I’m grateful for you taking the time to read along and get this far. I’d be even more grateful if you could tap that little green heart below and share it to your friends. At the end of the day, this is a collection of places, pieces and creations that I’ve enjoyed, and my only hope here is that you may enjoy them too. Have a great day, and I’ll talk to you real soon! 
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