By 2040, 95% of new vehicles sold will be fully autonomous.

Wow. 😮

Two reasons why this is revolutionary:

  • It will save 1.25 MILLION lives every year from traffic accidents

Self driving cars will become a multi-trillion dollar industry because of this impact. What could you do with 3 extra years? This is the question driving innovation from tech-leaders like Elon Musk and Google. But before we can get there, we need to understand the technology making this all possible, Reinforcement Learning.

So, How Does Reinforcement Learning Work?


Evolutionary Psychology

Have you ever wondered why we like the food we like? Why we care so much about our social status? Or why we’re naturally risk-adverse?

Why are we the way we are today?

It comes down to one word: Evolution

Thousands of years ago, we evolved into Homo Sapiens

We were no different than other animals in the animal kingdom. We hunted, we ate, we became the hunted, we died.

😮👈 That’s me right now

I’ve started writing this after listening to Naval Ravikant on the Joe Rogan Experience. I’m sure you’ve heard of both of them before. (And if you haven’t. My god, what a treasure trove there is waiting for you) There were so many moments that just made me go, “Oh shit” throughout the podcast, and this article is a chance to formalize all my thoughts, and maybe, just maybe, provide some value to you.

I’m thinking about how to structure this article, and I have 3 main principles:

  • I’m not repeating what was said in…

But rocket science is easier than you think 😉

A couple of years ago, I thought Quantum Mechanics was a bunch of theoretical science with no real world applications: Not anymore

In recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of Quantum Computing; spearheaded by companies such as D-Wave, Rigetti Computing, and IBM. In a nutshell (Kurzgesagt 😉), Quantum Computing will revolutionize computing, allowing us to solve complex computational problems that would have been impossible on classical computers.

Today, with classical computers:

  • Drug Discovery takes over 10 years to get to market, costing billions for each drug

Today, quantum computers:

  • Exponentially increase speeds in Drug Discovery, in areas such as Protein Simulation and Genomics

Leveraging Machine Learning to Uncover the Roots of Knowledge

Imagine a world where you could learn anything

🌎 👈 Here it is.

💻 👈 And here’s the thing that lets you do it.

Today, we live in a world with the internet. There are unfathomable amounts of knowledge on the internet, being only a couple of clicks away. When in history can a 17 year old like myself be working on cutting edge technology such as Machine Learning, Brain Machine Interfaces, and more.

But there’s a problem; Everything’s on the internet, but it’s not easy to understand

This is the major problem with learning on the internet as it is today. There are so many things you can learn, but a lot of…

This is what traffic looks like with Self Driving Cars.


Imagine living in that world. A world where there are:

  • No Traffic Jams

As I pointed out in my last article on Reinforcement Learning (which you should read before this), this is revolutionary for 2 main reasons:

  • It will save 1.25 MILLION lives every year from traffic accidents

And companies are working on these machines right now! …

“shallow focus photography of dandelion” by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

What if I said I could give you the ability to fly? How crazy would that be. Imagine the ramifications of flight on your everyday life. The dream all of us have had, and the superpower, we always wished for.

It sounds like fiction to us. But there’s something much more normal which seems as fictitious as flight to about 7%, or 285 MILLION people around the world.


Imagine losing your vision. Suddenly, not being able to see the things around you. What problems would you face?

  • How would you cross the street without knowing the color of the…

I know what you’re thinking. God dammit, it’s another article about Artificial Intelligence with a bunch of math that I’m not gonna understand, close tab


This will be intuitive. I promise you. Now, continue.

Before we begin, what truly is AI?

Literally everyone, even my 50 year old high school teachers have heard about AI. It’s that thing in Google’s self driving cars. That thing that people are worried will take their jobs. However, not many people realize how Artificial Intelligence IS actually being used.


  • Google Photos: Allows you to search for specific people or objects within your photos.

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Passionate about Machine Learning, understanding the world, and other exponential technologies.

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