How to do A Bodyweight Workout

Being in the fitness industry for about 10 years now, I’ve heard just about every reason why someone isn’t able to start working out. Sometimes it’s a money issue, or their boyfriend didn’t say it was Okay, or your dog ate your workout shoes. One of the more prominent excuses that I hear is not having enough time.

Luckily enough for you, you don’t know 2 hours to get a fantastic workout in. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need 60 minutes (understand, I’m not talking about maximum effectiveness here). You can get an awesome workout in about 20 minutes and not need a single piece of equipment. But before we get to the specifics of our topic, let’s talk a little bit about making time, even for just a 20 minutes workout.

How to Build in 20 Minutes a Day to Workout

For the most part, the excuses that people come up with for not working out can be overcome by a few simple steps. If you don’t have enough money, start making more or set aside “X” amount a week that’s strictly workout money. If your dog ate your workout shoes, go but more. However, you can’t exactly create more time. At least, you can’t create it in a literal sense.

There are ways for you to make time during the day to do the things that you need to do in order to live an ultimately healthy and vital life. And that includes exercise. Here’s a short of things that you can do to free up 20 minutes a day in order to complete the bodyweight workout we’ll be going over in a second:

#1) Wake up 20 minutes early — Yes, I know you love your sleep. And I believe that quality sleep is imperative for optimal health. However, waking up 20 minutes early to get a workout in is going to be much more beneficial than it is harmful.

#2) Watch 1 less episode of Game of Thrones — Okay, this doesn’t have to be Game of Thrones. You can enter whatever TV show it is you watch on Netflix for hours at a time. Instead of watching 3 reruns, just watch 2. There’s your 20 minutes.

#3) Set your phone down for 20 minutes — The average person spends close to 3 hours a day on their phone. That’s a staggering number. 3 HOURS!!! Do your eyes a favor and cut 20 minutes out for your workout

How to do a Great 20 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Bodyweight exercises are the greatest. They’re so great because…well, sadly the average person doesn’t use their body the way they should. And the best way to burn calories is to do exercise that your body is not used to doing.

The workout we’re going to go over has 2 groups to it: Group A and Group B. You’ll do each of these groups for 3 sets, doing each exercise in consecutive order to finish one set. Take 60 seconds to rest at the end of each set. So here we go:

Group A:

#1) Pushups 8

#2) Split Squat 8 Each Leg

#3) Plank 30 Seconds

Group B:

#1) Reverse Burpee 8

#2) Squat Jump 8

#3) Bear Crawl 30 Seconds

The first group won’t get your heart rate up terribly high. Make sure your form is perfect for your pushups and your split squats. This is where we want to focus on form.

Group B, on the other hand, will send your heart rate through the roof. So make sure your pace yourself. If you feel yourself getting too tired, take longer than the recommended 60 seconds of rest.

This is only one combination of hundreds of bodyweight combinations that you can utilize to get an awesome workout. Learn how to use your bodyweight so that you can have ab impact on your health even if you’re not able to go to the gym regarly.