Ethics of Video Game Streaming

Today I stumbled upon an interesting topic, that I knew existed but never realized it bothered me until I watched a group debate about it.

A group of streamers on Twitch were discussing, which then turned into a heated debate, how some females manipulate vulnerable viewers by focusing their webcam on their feminine body parts. Sky, a professional League of Legends streamer, stated his opinion on how he feels the females that do this are “assholes” and are a detriment to the streaming community. He then gave examples like female streamers making their Amazon wishlist public and giving incentives such as a picture with the product she receives with lots of skin shown, and that a donation of $5 will receive a boyfriend application etc.

Four other streamers were also present, three of which opposed of Sky’s view and argued Twitch being a public streaming site, anyone can do anything they want as long as it fit within the Terms of Service.

The argument went on for a few hours but in short, I wholeheartedly agree with Sky’s opinion on how manipulative female streamers are a detriment to the streaming community. There are other sites that vulnerable and horny kids can have their fun, but Twitch should not be a platform of choice for this sort of activity. Kids who has access to their parent’s credit cards and donates in hopes of “getting some pussy” are easily manipulated, and this isn’t an ethical business model.

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