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What My Favor Restaurant Told Me about the Importance of Hyper Personalization

Before I talk about how hyper personalization applies to my favorite restaurant, let us first examine the word root — Hyper: Excessive. Popular words with the hyper root:

· Hypertension — high blood pressure

· Hyperbole — exaggerated statement

· Hyperactive — high level of activity, typically associated with kids or puppies

· Hypercritical — fussy, nit-picking, overly demanding

· Hyperpersonalization — not a ‘real word’ yet as it doesn’t appear in

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The first four words listed have negative connotations. The last one, hyperpersonalization aka hyper personalization is being used as a positive term in marketing circles. As the root hyper shows, hyper personalization indicates an excessive, uber approach to personalization, where relevant messaging is being delivered to your intended target based on the product or service one is predicted to purchase.

Nowadays, with the democratization of AI, the concept of hyper personalization is beginning to take a foothold everywhere. We first recognized this strategy with product and movie recommendations with Amazon and Netflix. In reality, the concept of hyper personalization is not a new concept and has been used throughout daily lives.

Hyper Personalization Seen in Restaurants, your Better Half and Personal Trainer

How does it feel when someone gets you and knows what you want?

· One of my favorite restaurants near my house serves pho. They know my order, right when I walk in the door. Beef Pho — Thai Hot. Makes me feel good. Very efficient as I’m always in a rush. Recently, they’ve gone under new management. It’s not the same as the new folks don’t know me or my typical order.

· My second car is a Jeep — ’97 TJ Wrangler. It’s my toy and I’ve built it up over the years. A few years back, my better half got me this toy Jeep she found while grocery shopping. It sits on my shelf — makes me feel good as she was thinking about me and my love of Jeeps

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· I like to exercise and stay fit. In 2016, I participated in my first jiu-jitsu tournament. I took private lessons to fine tune some things I needed prior to my match. My coach created a tailored workout taking into account my age, skillset, and goals.

Amazon — The King of Hyper Personalization

The Grand Poobah of hyper personalization in recent year has been Amazon. According to MarTech advisor, this strategy makes up to 35% of their annual sales. I’m a military movie buff and here is what my hyper personalized movie recommendations look like on Amazon Prime:

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You can bet, that after watching Technology of War: Ground Forces that’ll I’ll be watching their ‘Customers Also Watched’ recommendations.

Et tu, McDonalds — AI Powered Recommendations

I’m not a fan of fast food. If you are, well that’s cool. Soon when you step into a McDonalds, you’ll soon see hyper personalized food offerings based on certain weather and behavior patterns. This all stems from McDonald’s acquisition of an AI personalization platform a few weeks back for $300 million.

McDonald’s implemented upsell, cross sell strategies long before Amazon with the statement — ‘Would you like fries with that?’ Now, this restaurant giant is jumping head first into digital marketing activities with self-service kiosks and an AI based recommendation platform. Soon, just like in ecommerce, other restaurants big and small will soon follow suit.

Why you Need Hyper Personalization if you Want Your Business to be Competitive in 2019 and Beyond

The main reason a business would want to incorporate AI based hyper personalization is to improve customer experience. Hyper personalized messaging targeted towards your existing customers:

· Keeps you connected

· Builds loyalty

· Improves conversions

In 2019, there are AI based, martech platforms that enable you to give ‘Amazon Style Recommendations’ across a variety of messaging platforms to remarket to your customer base.

Consider an online CBD store that sells a variety of products such as: hemp oil, gummies, herbal drops, topical and roll on products. Now, with the popularity of CBD this business has quickly acquired over 1K+ customers. Using the power of an AI based martech platform, a unique message can be sent to all 1k+ customers based on what one is predicted to buy, going as deep as recommending product variants (CBD Herbal Drops -> Peppermint -> 5000 MG).

Your customers want a great experience, whether it’s online or offline. Basic personalization will not work. Now with AI, you can easily deliver hyper personalized messaging, across a variety of channels (email, text, social media, and phone) that actually mean something to your customer. Ultimately this will drive top-line growth for your company.

Remember the businesses that were slow to adopt the internet in the late nineties? Be an early adopter of AI driven hyper personalization and get ahead of your competition today

Schedule a demo to see how AI driven hyper personalization can drive repeat buyers for your business?

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MarTech Co-Founder at Standard Insights — Driving repeat buyers for businesses using AI

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