Fuck Off Fund — 4 — July 2016

July 2016 Money Review

  1. How I’m feeling about money this month: Ok
  2. Checking account over $500: Yes!
  3. Biggest expense this month: Largest single expense was a ticket to a dance event happening in September. This is OK because I love this event and I have very much limited my travel this year. 
    Largest cumulative expense was clothing — I bought some work related clothes and upgraded parts of my wardrobe (while ditching more clothes), closely followed by restaurants. I really need to get on top of my meal prep.
  4. Expected to save this month: $100
  5. Did save this month: $100
  6. Saved at least 10% of income: No — but wait, there’s more, see #9.
  7. Made a budget for next month? Yup.
  8. Reviewed my bank statement: Yes.
  9. Best thing I did for my money last month: Dumped my Q2 bonus into another credit card. BAM! Two paid off, two to go. And then student and personal loans.
  10. Most important money task for next month:
    Not fuck it up. I need to be more on top of my meal planning, because there will be a big-ticket expense this month — my baby sister is turning 21 and I’m going all-out. Or as all-out as you can go on a budget.