What happened to Jesla Labs & Purgora ?

I am afraid to report that Jesla Labs & its primary product, Purgora, are no more…

Jesla Labs was a startup conceived in 2013 that began life in 2014. It had ideals of using the new technologies to deliver agile and user-orientated solutions for large enterprises that would deliver true value to its users. Jesla was going to take on the established players and deliver a viable alternative through innovation and service.

Whilst the ideals that founded the startup were sound, the underlying execution was stop-start and suffered from many challenges that appear to be typical of startups. In Jesla’s case, many of those challenges were overcome but the time taken by this resulted in the ultimate challenge overcoming its prey.

The end result is that our cash dried up before customer revenues could replace on-going funding requirements from our investors.

There is a lot we could say, but there are many other startup stories around the web that tell it better. The reality is that startups are a brave and risky venture, and many fail — for good reason.

Good ideas only get you so far, the success comes from good execution — the original idea just gets everyone excited.

We could not convert our good ideas into good execution in a timely fashion.

On a closing note, I would like to offer my humble and sincere thanks to our team of investors who believed in us, and have been very supportive during recent times — when they did not need to be — it has been a difficult road that has been travelled, but it would have been a lot worse without their support. We also received support from the NSW Government and for that, we are truly thankful and hope that they continue to support many others who are trying to make a difference. And finally, a word to our prospects and customers — a special thanks goes to them for sharing risks and feedback and travelling on the journey with us.

It is not how we wish to end up — but here we are. It is important to us that we have called it time without jeopardising commitments and relationships. As ugly as this end is, we are all proud of what we have done. As individuals, we live to fight another day, as Jesla Labs, we rest in peace.