Sustainable-life. (Bæredygtighed)

As society grows and improves, it requires more and more energy. In order to maintain our current lifestyle, we need to focus on sustainability.

A very important question has to be asked: Can we have the same development in the future as we have today? Are we moving in the right direction and have we chosen the right path? The question will be answered if we choose the right energy sources and give them priority.

During the last centuries in which modern industries appeared in history, a great development occurred in the world. This development didn’t just have advantages. It also had disadvantages. By using fossil fuels, The factories produced a vast amount of air pollution. That pollution created some changes in the climate. Those changes that developed into problems for nature and human societies , which are not so easy to solve.

We have to search for a new energy source that causes no pollution which we will have to deal with in the future.

In the last decade we have seen that the inventors of electrical cars show up with new generations of electric cars. In this case we could mention Tesla-Motors. Tesla with the electric cars has taken a special place in the car markets. Tesla is nothing like the last generation of electric cars, which had place just for two passengers.

Besides of use of electric cars we could also mention the new generation of car engines, Hybrid-engines which cost less. New generation of both electric and hybrid cars are sustainable, which keeps the owners satisfied and it is also friendly for the environment.

Audi produces fuel from air and water.

These generation of cars would help to solve the air pollution, they use the CO2, which is already in the atmosphere.

Solar energy and biodiesel.

By help of technology, we can get electricity form sun light, and algae in these energy sources, we don’t use any fossil fuel, so can say this is the best for the future of climate.

Living far from technology.

Some people believe that if we want to help our next generations and solve climate problems, we have to leave behind what brought us to this situation. This means that we have to abandon technology! I would like to mention her (naturism) but this lifestyle would not help us to solve the climate problems.

Leading a sustainable life.

Another idea, which could really help people to have a sustainable life, is if everyone produce the energy that they need by using alternative source of energy like the sunlight or the wind, or it could be for example riding a bike instead of driving a car whenever it’s not really necessary. Maybe in the future a kind of small machine that produces electricity by help of our own mussels, something like electric bicycles. It produces the electric that it needs.

I believe that the only thing that can help us to come out of climate and global warming problems is leading on our technologies.