You’re still yelling and getting frustrated because you think they’re idiots for not getting you…Is that you?

Then follow me and take my hand!

Because by the end of this journey, you will see that you’re the one that needs to change. It’s you who should get it, not them.

Am Jess Devi, the person I just described in the above headline was me not long ago.

Truth found me when my ignorance started screaming at me. You can find the full story of my journey here or twitter thread.

Back to the present — Trigger, I introduced this topic in yesterday’s essay. Here’s the link

Now let’s look at the 7 Layers of Our Building Blocks, for a clear perception of what they are and how some of them operate, especially the ones responsible for initiating some adverse reaction within us when untamed.

Mind, Body, Breath, Intelligent, Memory, Ego, and the Self.

Why would I end with the Self? apparently it’s the aspect of you that never change — it’s the one that’s never cluttered. It’s the observer of all the remaining ones. The self is always stable, at ease, at peace and the spectator of the others. Though the witness to all, it never judges, never condemns, never reject, agrees nor disagrees, is just is — seeing everything as it is.

Your body has changed, your mind/thoughts and emotions alike the ocean’s wave, keep throbbing back and forth in volumes. Your intellect is sometimes sharp, other times blurred to a point of extinction.

Ahoy, your memory — the warehouse incubator of all your misery and suffering, joy and ecstasy, capable of amputating you, making apparent that which doesn’t even exist (past and future) seem real and alive. Depriving you of the present that is all, and that has ever been.

Woe the memory of man, the great endless vacuum that stores and retrieved yesterday that’s no more, and tomorrow that’s yet to come.

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