Your Strategy is Showing #1:
The Millennial Road Trip

What happens when the entire advertising industry is working from the same research. A series.

Here are millennials. They are in a car. They are carefree. They drive wherever the wind takes them, because they are millennials. One of them has a guitar. They may be in a band, because they are millennials, and creativity is important to them. It is unclear how they have managed to afford this car. Millennials do not buy cars. They just go on road trips. They have beards, although our research suggests that having a beard may soon no longer be a millennial thing to do. We’ll get back to you.

The band in the car has made a stop. They have stopped to dance on a beach. This is what millennials do. They seek out ‘immersive experiences’. They prefer these experiences to material things like cars, so they dance on beaches, and hold each other with windswept hair. They are having the best night of their lives. They are always having the best night of their lives. They are having the best night of their lives on Instagram. Here is a shot of them taking a selfie, to capture the best night of their lives. Selfies are relevant.

The millennials are back in the car. They are playing the guitar in the car, because they do not conform to your idea of appropriate behavior. They branch out. They experiment. They are always in beta. We do not know what this means.

Look! The band of millennials is performing a concert to more millennials. They are having more fun than you have ever had. They are having more fun than you thought humanly possible. Surely nobody has ever had this much fun. The sun sets as they perform, but their friendships remain strong. This is also a millennial thing. They have invented a friendship that looks casual, but will endure forever. Your friendships are not the same. They will not last.

Here is the name of the band and the song that you hear. You will never hear this band again. You will never hear this song again. It will be gone, because they are no longer relevant. Millennials have told us so.

Here is the car they cannot afford. Here are millennials.