Give us this day our daily blood

Ambrosia LLC is a company collecting plasma (blood with blood cells removed) from individuals 16 to 25 years old and transfusing it into older men and women. There is growing scientific recognition that plasma from young individuals makes older folks healthier with improved strength, increased brain function and more vigorous internal organ activity.

A screenshot of the Ambrosia LLC website at

As reported by MIT Technology Review, Ambrosia will charge $8000 for 2 liters of boy/girl blood. Welcome to Vampire Culture. If you are between 15 and 25 you will soon be able to make $1000/week donating 500ml of blood to be transformed into joy juice for the pampered classes. Why work? Why go to school?

The 5L of blood in the average boy/girl is worth $20,000. The younger the blood donor the more powerful the anti-aging effect. Parents will soon be keeping a closer eye on their children to keep them from being drained by ‘blood banditos’.

With regular transfusions of adolescent ‘life blood’ starting in their 30's, rich individuals will be able to live twice as long as most people. Through the magic of compound interest, they will own and control everything.

Welcome to the future, blood-drenched and unholy.

A note from the Editor of Liberté de Santé™

Having read this article by Dr Jess Goodman, does awareness of the availability of this service by Ambrosia LLC disturb you? We would like to hear your views in the comments section below.

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