Gravitational Waves Expand Our View Of The Universe; Arterial Pulse Waves Open A Window To The World Within

When light, radio waves and other methods of observing the universe pass through matter their view is obscured. Gravitational Waves pass through matter, providing a view of the universe previously hidden from view.

Hidden from view, deep within the body, the Internal Organs work continuously to sustain life and determines lifespan. Recently it has become possible to use arterial pulse waves to gain insight into Internal Organ function and overall health.

Since ancient times people have known that movement, especially movement of the body along the spinal axis, is important for health and long life. Movement of the body’s core regions, Core Mobility, is essential for Internal Organ function, overall health and longevity.

With each breath the diaphragm muscle contracts and relaxes, the rib cage and abdominal wall expand and relax. These actions rhythmically compress and massage the Internal Organs, propelling nutrient filled fluids along countless microscopic channels, allowing each individual cell to contribute to the engines of life. In a way the Internal Organs breathe with each breath we take.

For the past fifteen years scientists have known that stiffness of the Aorta (the body’s largest blood vessel running just in front of the spine through the chest, abdomen and pelvis) predicts risk of death from all causes. Aortic Stiffness is related of stiffness along the spinal axis and is a measure of Core Mobility. Aortic Stiffness is a bellwether, an indicator of trends that predict the future.

With each heart beat arterial pulse waves spread outward from the heart, travelling along blood vessels making up the arterial tree to the body’s farthest reaches. When you feel the pulse beat at the wrist you are sensing the arterial pulse wave.

The pulse wave generated with each heart beat, the Primary Pulse Wave, travels along the Aorta. As the Aorta reaches the mid-abdomen an Aortic Reflected Wave forms as a result of the aorta branching and dividing into blood vessels that feed the legs. The Aortic Reflected Wave travels back towards the heart. In a young individual the Aortic Reflected Wave reaches the heart just as the heart’s contraction phase ends and the heart muscle starts to relax. The Aortic Reflected Wave maintains pressure in the Aorta, allowing blood to flow into the Coronary Arteries, feeding the heart muscle.

Speed with which the Primary and Reflected Waves travel along the Aorta depends on Aortic Stiffness. A basic principle of physics is that waves travel faster in stiffer media. With aging and increasing Aortic Stiffness the Primary and Reflected Waves travel more quickly and the Reflected Wave returns to the heart earlier.

In the past, measurement of Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (AoPWV) required expensive ($25,000) equipment and a skilled technician to record difference in arrival times for the pulse wave at the Carotid Artery in the neck and the Femoral Artery in the groin. One year ago it became possible to visualize the Primary and Reflected Aortic Wave in the fingertip pulse signal and determine AoPWV using a simple and affordable ($200) optical pulse sensor, a 30 second test and an iPhone or The shape of every human being’s fingertip pulse signal is determined by Aortic Stiffness and by characterizing the Reflected Wave signal AoPWV can be calculated.

AoPWV as a measure of Aortic Stiffness has been shown in many scientific articles to predict risk of death from all causes. This is explained by the relationship between Aortic Stiffness, spinal stiffness and internal organ circulation. AoPWV and Aortic Stiffness are well known to improve with attention to diet, exercise and stress reduction. Stiffness along the spinal axis, Core Mobility, overall health and longevity can now be monitored in a simple and easy way.

In the past it has been difficult to objectively recognize the relationship between lifestyle choices, function of the Internal Organs, overall health and life expectancy. It is now possible to use arterial pulse waves passing through the body’s core, organ rich regions, to assess Core Mobility, organ breathing and organ function. We can now use this knowledge to cultivate better health and live longer lives.

Like Gravitational Waves the arterial pulse wave brings information previously hidden from view to the light of day, giving everyone a fresh and valuable perspective on life itself.

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