The Last American President

Faced with the indiscretion of a spouse, hurt women may seek out a partner to avenge their betrayal. Facing loss of all kinds, anger is a common and transient part of the process of healing and acceptance. It is not surprising that Hilary Clinton had a brief affaire in response to Monica Lewinski’s revelations about her trysts with the President. Hilary had kept it discreet and it remained a secret for decades. How Donald Trump found out about the affaire is not clear. His amplification of its significance is widely recognized as destroying Hilary Clinton as a contender for the Presidency. There is irony that a man in his third marriage cried foul regarding a woman who persevered and maintained her marriage.

President Trump after his installation quickly followed through with major campaign promises. Mexicans in the United States illegally were returned in massive numbers to Mexico. Trump seemed oblivious to the fact that there had been a net emigration back to Mexico since the 2008 recession. The loss of a huge pool of cheap labour quickly impacted American farm and industrial production. Prices rose and inflation grew swiftly.

President Trump in response to failure of his clamp down on illegal aliens enacted steep tariffs on goods from Asian trading partners to bolster domestic production. The response was an acceleration of financial transactions away from the US Dollar and towards use of the Chinese currency to settle international obligations. The value of the US dollar went into free fall and countries around the world quickly unloaded their US dollar reserves. Soon it became difficult for US citizens to afford most imported goods. Commodities, such as food stuffs, metals and refined plastics (necessary for production of a wide variety of industrial and consumer goods) were so expensive that common things such as clothing and vehicles became unaffordable. Many people started riding bicycles on streets with little car traffic. Sewing machines were now busy in many homes.

It became impossible for the Unites States to maintain its armed forces and soon Puerto Rico and Alaska were lost to China and Russia respectively. In desperation President Trump launched nuclear attacks on both Russia and China simultaneously. These missiles were easily intercepted and destroyed by his enemies who had recognized his childish temper, anticipated his actions and been preparing since he took power.

Invasion of the United States was overseen by the United Nations as a response to its use of nuclear weapons for aggressive purposes. The United States had lost control of its destiny and with immigration from Asia and Russia over the next fifty years lost its character as well. President Trump used his trial at The Hague to accuse the entire world of criminal acts without once acknowledging his mistakes.

The world after Trump slowly accepted the need for an international authority with an ability to act in decisive ways. Not long after, a new era of peace and prosperity began. While there was still strife and inequality it was not of great consequence and the peoples of the world universally had clean water, adequate food, access to education and stable political process. Overall the world had benefitted from the excesses of Trump’s presidency as the agent of change resulting in globalization of political will. For over a century, each October 31st people around the world put on orange wigs and confronted each other with bald faced lies and mocking contempt as a humourous reminder of the follies of man.

Thanks to Ray Bradbury for showing me that the future appears before us on a daily basis in clear, inspiring and light hearted ways.