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Hi Violet, Oh Violet,

I took a while to get back to you because I’m forcing myself to detach from electronics on weekends. That being said:

I appreciate your honest and open response. I want to know and learn how other people are affected, and how to open the conversation. It is such an emotionally charged topic, I never know where to begin. Many of the responses here have helped me, and I look forward to taking to heart everything you all have said, and incorporate it into a local lecture series I am collaborating on with some friends.

I want everyone to celebrate and share their cultures and ethnicity, and we all have stories of family and friends who have had to integrate and forget their cultures to conform to society, and that saddens me. I loved the video. I am going to share it with some of my friends who have been talking about this topic. I’ve seen some other videos, but this has to be, hands down, the best one I’ve seen so far. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Again I apologize for the delayed response. I wanted to watch the video before responding, and I ran out of time. I greatly appreciate your words, everyone’s words, and thank you for responding.


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