If you knew what being roofied is like, you wouldn’t make threats like these
Stephanie Grimes

I feel as though this threat is something we are all tired of having to deal with. The threat of merely being a woman, and being expected to feel “honored” or “special” if someone pays you any attention; and at the same time feeling trapped, guilty, powerless, threatened every single time we demand or ask for simple respect and courtesy.

No woman should have to feel as though their “home turf bar” is a threat just to hang out with friends. Men don’t feel that way, but we have to because of these situations. Makes me sick. Makes me tired.

My best friend got roofied in college. She is the most observant woman I know. The guy had a syringe up his sleeve and slipped the liquid roofie in her beer as he handed it to her. She ended up in the hospital, arrested, despite telling them she was roofied. They told her she was just partying, until the toxic screen came back: they told her she was lucky to be alive. Thank God the bartender had her taken to the hospital so nothing happened…but these situations are so damn common for women its disgusting.

I’m terribly sorry for what happened. I stand by you and your right to empower yourself. ❤❤ Much love to you and your health. Thank you for being brave and sharing your story. ❤

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