Sunflowers in Highland Square

While many people grumbled a it the rain this weekend, I couldn’t help feel a little exhilarated at the sound of thunder and the dance of raindrops. I’ve always found the rain soothing, and that when it comes, I could cloister away in the woods, or dance down the street. I like the way the rain drops sound, you see, and the humming energy in the air. Waiting for Mother Nature to give me her storm, so I can close my eyes and enjoy it.

One beautiful thing from the weekend that caught my eye were the sunflowers. While meeting two lovely new friends, I got to take in the great design of my favorite flower: sunflowers. I’ve always liked them the best, their bright yellow faces, that sometimes have a tinge of orange and red. I like how they are an active flower, with bees and bugs busily at work on their petals.

So enjoy these amateur photos of the bees and flowers!