Trying My Pen at Slam

A Newbies First

CC0 Public Domain

I had gone to my first spoken word event last month, and loved it! I was enthralled by the style, the passion, the forcefulness behind each artists words. When asked if I had ever done Slam before, I shook my head and felt my ears blush. If I had been writing for so many years, shouldn’t I have heard of this before? In some way, it brought to mind a scene from “A Goofy Movie” where Junior goes with his friends to a coffee shop and all the characters are dressed in black turtle necks…silly, but this is seriously the first thing I thought of.

So I decided to try. Why the hell not? I could possibly write something Slam-ish. Here it is. Unapologetic newbish, and I am okay with that now.

You sit there smiling at me
expecting me to go along
I should, it’s what I was
taught to do.

But I don’t want to go along
with your simple idea of how a
wife should be.
I want to hurtle myself through
blooming phase
Tear off my skin to become



No, stop, that’s not for me.
Keep your smile and expectations
I want to scratch out my own story
I want a partnership that allows
deep exploration.

I want what you don’t want me to have

undeniable freedom
inexcusable ecstasy