Tonight’s inspiration: Shira

A few hours ago, I held our weekly volunteer call, where anyone who signed up in the last week to volunteer jumps on to receive their first communication from the campaign.

We do a little roll call at the top where people tell us who they are and where they’re from. We randomly call on folks, and tonight we called on Shira.

Me: Hi! Who are you and where are you from?

::Tiny (obviously childlike) voice pipes up:: I’m Shira!

Me: Hi Shira! Where are you from?

Tiny person: Philly!

Me (starting to get the picture here): Howwww old are you, Shira?

Tiny person: SIX!

Me: Awesome, Shira! Thanks for joining! Go out there and make some calls, okay?

::Whispered voice from parental figure:: Tell her okay…

Tiny person: OKAY!

So keep going this week for Shira, our newest little supporter. :)

It’s less than a week until the Iowa caucus — want to join our call next week? Sign up here to volunteer.