Funny…to me, it seems like just the other way around.
Jay Maynard

The stories shared in the article included someone who said they don’t like people coming in their bar asking for fancy drinks. And this is why they are voting for a man who wants to take away people’s right to get married.

A person who talks about how alone they feel surrounded by people don’t speak English. And this is why they are willing to vote for a man who says he will block American citizens who are Muslims from returning to their homes.

A man who wants people to respect his position because it’s upsetting that people say nasty things about his religion. And he will vote for a man who mocks disabled peoples, says he will jail reporters without trial for reporting the truth about him, and brags about assaulting women. His “gut” tells Trump is best for all of us.

But next time, he’ll respect our position — if we respect his first

And yet it’s somehow NOT the PoC, LGBT, and other marginalized groups who are expect to offer endless empathy and understanding?

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.