Facing Feminism without a Cliché Face

By Jessica Russo

She wakes up, eats breakfast, brushes her teeth. Floss. She looks in the mirror… it’s time. Smooth your face with liquid “skin”. Highlight those tired eyes with bright, white concealer. Contour your face. Highlight. Pluck your brows; comb them in place, brow ‘gel’. Liquid liner. Curled lashes, coats of mascara. Line those lips, throw on some color. Deodorant. Perfume. Hair. Fashion. Closets full of shoes, jackets, pants, all sorts of clothes. Nails done, hair in place, face on. Strut.

Is this the face of a feminist? Many would say no.

Short hair, boy clothes, no bra or makeup. Hates men.

Is this the face of a feminist? Many would say so.

People judge, and that’s a way of life. As a feminist, it’s hard to express your opinions, thoughts, even beliefs when people come back at you and say that you’re not a feminist because you don’t fit the description of one.

When clothes, makeup or just the way you look is the deciding factor of what you believe in; these is the reason I need feminism. For equality of the sexes. No one looks at a well dressed or a poorly dressed man and thinks, “He clearly is a woman hater” or “he’s asking for it, just look at the way he’s dressed”.

Look in the face of feminism. Cliché or not. Stop judging books by their cover, listen to beliefs. Understand them. Try on the other person’s shoes. Feminism comes in many different shapes and forms. Mine happens to be the girl described above, what is yours?

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