How to Use Social Media to Recruit New Talent

I remember how, when I first started on social media, I used it primarily to post my own opinions on things I felt were important — cat videos, reality television, wine, and my own rambling thoughts. After all, why wouldn’t my Twitter followers want to know how I felt about snow or about my little family rant?

Of course, as I’ve grown, I’ve realized that my original approach to social media was completely wrong. In order to best utilize social media, you must be social, engage with other people, and provide content with value. This is especially true if you are job searching or looking to recruit at your company. Many positions, particularly those in a creative field, will need someone to come on board who is ready for a challenge. Presenting recruitment through social media can help find the right candidates.

Just to make sure — remember that all of the suggestions need to be tailored depending on what type of industry you are in and what type of talent you are looking to bring in. But if you take social media into your recruitment strategy, you may just find exactly who you’re looking for.


Bringing in potential new talent via Snapchat is most likely best suited to a fun, younger company with with a focus in entertainment or a creative field like social media marketing; similarly, the talent you will most likely recruit through Snapchat is of the younger, Gen-Y demographic. To do this, you could:

  • Ask for potential recruits to send you Snapchat videos explaining — concisely! — why they are the right person for the job. If they are able to convince you in a few videos, you can send them a message and bring them in for an interview.
  • If you are recruiting for a creative or graphic position, ask potential recruits to draw a picture or create some sort of Snapchat imagery to send to you to show off their talents.


In my personal experience, whilst I was job searching, companies have asked me to create Instagram posts for them as part of the interview process. This was done to ensure that my posts were “on brand” or that I could create content which matched the needs of the company. I also run my own food and drink Instagram account which might appeal to food or drink brands. Because of the visual nature of Instagram, this can be a great recruitment tool for companies looking for graphic designers, photographers, influencers, or others who might be appeal to create visual appeal for your brand.

For other ideas on recruitment via Instagram, you could:

  • Create a special hashtag for people to use on their photos and see who can generate the most buzz. You see this a lot when people are throwing contests, but it could also be successful in showing reach and creativity.
  • Ask potential recruits to come up with an interesting Instagram photo that would be “on brand” for you. This gives you an idea of their skills and can also test reach in seeing who gets the most likes, re-grams, and comments.
  • Post an interesting photo or project idea on YOUR page and ask people to caption it or send you a message with their most creative idea on how to expand the project.


My personal favorite social media platform is Twitter because of the level of engagement that can be reached and the amount of interesting people that I have been able to connect with so far (so if you’re reading this, send me a Tweet)!

For your business, you could find relevant Twitter chats and see if anybody catches your eye during the discussion. There are numerous charts online which tell you the type of Twitter chats for your industry and when they occur, meaning you’ll never have to miss one if you don’t want to! In addition, you could:

  • Run some sort of contest in which people shared a link to your page. Whoever was able to spread that link the farthest, or get the information out the most, would be able to come in for an interview.
  • Ask people to send you a live video on why they would be the right fit for your team. The more creative, the better!
  • Post a series of questions about the position and company to see who had the most interesting answers. This would also give you insight into who has put time into learning about you, their interests, and their level of creativity.
  • Ask people to share, in 140 characters, why they would be a great member of your team.

Of course, these are only a few ways you could utilize social media to recruit new talent (although I’m sure that I could go on forever)! LinkedIn and Facebook are always good options for posting job listings. In a past position where I worked in the gaming and entertainment industry, we had a sponsorship page on our website in which people could apply to be sponsored by us and become our brand ambassadors. There are also a multitude of other social sites like Reddit, Youtube, Telegram, Badoo, or even Pinterest that you can use to attract talent. You can also look into other “atypical” social media. For example, going back to the gaming idea, if you were in a company that worked with gamers, you could seek talent on Twitch.

Social media is meant to be social, engaging, and creative. So find platforms and strategies that work for your brand, craft a recruitment plan, and go for it.