3 Habits of Confident People

Jess Weiner
Mar 4, 2016 · 2 min read

Top question I’m most asked is: How do I become more confident?

My answer: Enjoy your journey.

Your confidence comes from the relationship you have with yourself.

It can be impacted by your ability to navigate the world around you.

It can be shaped by the relationships you have with others or the achievements you experience.

But confidence is ultimately an inside job.

And it’s directly related to your own unique journey.

Here are three things I see the most confident people I know practice everyday:

  1. Know (And Celebrate) Your Strengths

You don’t have to be the very best there is, but it’s important to know what you do well. I bet you can make a list of 10 things you want to improve but how about a list of 20 things you already do well? It’s important to know your strengths and not to be afraid to share them. That’s not bragging. That’s owning it. And when you believe in what you are good at, that builds confidence.

  1. Listen More Than You Talk

It’s true, the confident person in the room will likely raise their hand and speak. But the most confident people I know — know how to listen. They listen deeply. They don’t feel the need to speak all the time to be heard. Listening can offer you great insight into other’s points of view and teach you about your own. Listening to your own internal voice can also help you identify your own preferences, dreams and desires. That kind of knowledge is priceless.

  1. Build Your Esteem Team

Our confidence can be impacted by the people we surround ourselves with. So rather than worrying about being liked or admired by many, try focusing on finding the few that love you for you! Confident people have a trusted esteem team they can rely on. Being confident doesn’t mean going it alone. It means opening yourself up to being vulnerable with people who will support you in all of your moments.

Social Entrepreneur & CEO of Talk to Jess, LLC. Working with brands and media to create better messages for women and girls. http://bit.ly/jessweiner

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