Conquer Negativity With #LoveGame16

Jess Weiner
Mar 7, 2016 · 2 min read

I feel so blessed for the amazing people and opportunities in my life. Gratitude has become such an integral part of my own personal journey.

So this year I’m focusing on giving back the good energy and positivity I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by. I want to be conscious and intentional about the love I give out and the love I give myself. So I’m working on stepping up my game. And I’m asking you to join me.

I’m excited to introduce our first week’s #LoveGame16 challenges! Are you ready to step up your LoveGame in January?

This week we’ll focus on countering negative thoughts with positivity and appreciation.

Sure, it sounds simple, but think about it… How many times a week do we look at our reflections in the mirror and complain about something we see? How many times do we let others influence or discourage our ideas? How often are we hard on ourselves? We’re our own worst critics.

Challenge #1: Retrain Your Brain

(January 4–7)

For every negative thought that creeps in, take a minute to think about (or write down) 2 positives. It isn’t just an encouraging sentiment — it’s scientifically proven to be effective!

How do you feel once you begin the challenge? What are the positive thoughts you chose? Share with us on social media using the hashtag #LoveGame2016.

Challenge #2: Positive Intention

(January 8–10)

Be proactive. Decide what direction or feeling you want to achieve and weave it into your daily routine. When you feel like you’re getting off track or you encounter negativity (whether self-inflicted or beyond your control) take 60 seconds of meditation and self-care — take deep breaths, close your eyes if that helps, remember that intention and refocus your energy.

What happened after you rebooted your brain? What intentions did you choose? Let us know how you’re feeling after the first week using the #LoveGame16.

Remember, this isn’t just a resolution, it’s a commitment to changing our energy and intentions. Good luck with the first week’s challenge! I can’t wait to hear from you along the way. I’ll be giving my own updates on social media, too!

Jess Weiner
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