How To Stay Positive Online

Jess Weiner
Mar 7, 2016 · 1 min read

Anytime we open our laptops we become susceptible to bad news. The Internet is littered with it.

You open your browser to check your go-to news source — where positivity is no doubt a rarity. You check your social media only to find “friends” who are doing all the things you wish you were doing, but aren’t. You see a pop up ad with women who look nothing like you, and you doubt yourself.

It’s overwhelming. How are we supposed to stay positive when we’re surrounded by so much negativity?

It IS possible. Here are a few sites I visit on a regular basis that help me stay informed and still be positive:

Hello Giggles — This site markets itself as a positive community for women, and it is just that. Here you’ll find newsworthy articles and lifestyle articles about women like you.

Brain Pickings — Maria Popova’s blog gives meaning and depth to topics of philosophy, science, design and art. I get lost in her inspiring and unique perspective.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls — A cultural community for women and girls that encourages activism, learning and volunteerism.

What sites bring you a positive lift?

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