The Women Who Inspire Me: Part 1

Jess Weiner
Mar 7, 2016 · 1 min read

Meet an idol and muse of mine: Peggy Freydberg. She passed away in 2015 at the amazing age of 107. She was an author and poet who continued to inspire, love and learn until her very last breath. Her latest collection — Poems from the Pond — gave me a new perspective on the journey of life.

Peggy didn’t start writing poetry until she was 90. Um, 90!

Her work is biting and brilliant. I consumed her book of poetry in one sitting and found myself underlining, tearing up, and feeling my heart race with ideas as I turned every page.

I have a picture of Peggy (the one I posted here) by my desk and look at those gorgeous folds in her face everyday. She reminds me that it’s never too late to live your destiny. And in a world obsessed with youth, her story embodies the notion that life in your later years is not indicative of the sun setting, but rather of its rising.

Jess Weiner
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