Enjoy the Silence. *

I wonder if the deer sees its likeness during Christmastime, whether or not it recognizes its image in the decorations that humans position in front of the home. Is it an invitation to them, a cause for mutual celebration, or an offense? …

A Dangerous Gaze *

Like Melania Trump in her successful acquisition of a wealthy knight in 24-karat-magic armor, I often focus my gaze upon men that offer to save me from the Great Depression of inherited poverty. While there is a part of me that roots vicariously for the success of the model-turned-billionaire’s executive…

The red and purple lights that seep into the windows from the car-wash infuses the atmosphere with a tantalizing tone, one that I am all too familiar with at this point in my life.

Like any other 17-year-old high school junior, I am wired. I am antsy. …

“Dollhouse,” by: Jess Moor

“You’re something special,” said my client Don, sliding into a navy sport coat. I watched him from the bed, still donning the lacey lamé stockings and garter belt from the previous evening.

“Have a wonderful day,” I responded, breaking free from an entanglement of white sheets. As I wrapped my…

Jess Moor

Art-school dropout, part-time mystic. Full-time student of the chaotic genius of incarnation.

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