Live Free, Die Well

I recently heard this comment “live free, die well” in a movie called the Scorpion King. Although this is not a great movie by any means, it does have a message of choice.

Throughout our lives, we will be presented with many changeling decisions. Nothing is more challenging than deciding to end the life of a loved one. This choice does not come easily for many family members, but if the individual could have a choice, what would they say?

We have this idea we live freely, but what about the choice of dying? Why are we made to suffer through our ailments until it literally takes our life, after it causes an enormous strain emotionally and financially on our loved ones? If we are truly free, we should have the choice to end our lives when there is no cure for our terminal illness. In many cases, prolonging the inevitable causes more harm than there is good.

Although the United States has come a long way with many issues, assisted suicide still carries a stigma. Many people advocate for it because it can provide mercy for those suffering, but there are others who are against it because they feel “it’s just wrong.” Why do people think this is wrong when we live in a country, where it is legal to end a life of an animal when they become terminally ill, or we have the option to terminate an unborn fetus when is not wanted. I believe we can change this stigma by getting the message out there so people will understand who this is truly intended to help.

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