Tings’ Version 1.7:

Better and Better Voices

When a social network uses only voice, the quality of that voice needs to be number 1 on the list of features. Tings Version 1.7 is meant to improve voice morphing options, and in turn the overall user experience. There were two different things we took into consideration when deciding how to accomplish this. These were the number of female voice morphs and the quality of the morph effects, particularly the amount that a voice is altered. Tings Version 1.7 has improved both listening to Tings and posting Tings by making small alterations to the way we morph your voice.


Being a girl, I noticed quickly that Tings only had one explicitly female voice morph in the app. Thus when we decided it was time to add more voices, my first choice was more females. To keep the theme of cartoony characters with fun personalities, we went with two characters each named Darya and Catum. Catum is a partner to Batum, and Darya is based off of the popular TV show Daria — a less stereotypically female voice than Barbi.

Both of these voice morphs are not particularly high pitched. We hope that the addition of these two new female voices will encourage users to post Tings more often, because they relate more to female characters Catum and Darya than to characters like Batum or Barbi. The posts themselves will be easier to understand as well because the new voice morphs are not as drastically high pitched as the previous. Also — there are now 8 different voice morphs making the entire experience more fun!

Listen to App Reviews

To take the idea of improving the overall app experience one step further, we also fine tuned all of the other voice morphs. We received a review on the App Store that pointed out how a user’s experience on Tings can be hindered by the morph levels. The comment said:

“…their app is original and beautiful…I am disappointed in the lackluster audio filters, which do little more than destroy good audio…What about getting some good quality audio inputs here, to match your beautiful UI???”

We took this comment straight to heart, and it gave the team a moment of clarity — encouraging us to take a step back and imagine what a first time user on Tings could experience when they open the app. This reflection brought the conclusion that the original voice morphs were slightly over the top, that we had overestimated how much a voice needs to be morphed to keep the integrity of the user’s experience.

Thus we immediately began the process of reworking the voices in the app. We fine tuned every morph, so that there was not such a drastic change to the user’s original voice. The biggest changes we made were to the voices Kido, Barbi and Wheeli. Those were the presets that morphed your voice the most, and we turned the level down a significant amount. Lastly, we altered the amount that the app compresses the voice recording file. I don’t think that we are done tinkering with the voice morphs yet, but we have taken a great step forward towards the goal of having the best options for masking your identity.


Overall, we hope this update improves audio quality for users, both for listening to Tings and choosing what voice to mask your identity with. The experience listening to Tings will improve because the new set of voice morphs are much more mild than before; you will not feel bombarded with ugly sounding voice recordings when you open the app. Also by providing 2 additional voice morphs, increasing the options that users have for masking their voice, it will encourage more return trips to the app; either because they want to try different voices, or because either Catum or Darya have become a new favorite. All in all, this update addressed some important concerns that we had about the app, that were brought to our attention by paying close attention to App Store reviews. Because listening to our users/customers is always the most important.

Tings — Dare to Voice

Tings is an anonymous social networking app centered around our most human form of expression — Voice. “Dare to Voice” is Tings’ motto; encouraging users to anonymously share content that may not be better expressed in other forms, with regard to emotion and personality.

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